Polished Glass, Marble & Shell Surfaces


Larry Godfried is the principal of Terrazzo by Lorenzo. A self-taught designer-craftsman, he has been exploring the possibilities of terrazzo ever since he stumbled onto a primitive terrazzo tombstone maker in Puerto Rico in 1978. “I was immediately attracted to the limitless design potential of this medium, which is incredibly plastic and programmable. You can integrate shape, color and graphic surface design—it is mosaic, after all.”

Using the oldest of art forms, marble mosaic, Godfried creates refreshingly original contemporary furniture designs. He mixes terrazzo with a variety of other materials to create textural, chromatic, and sculptural counterpoints to the polished smoothness of his design motifs in marble mosaic.

Godfried is always stretching the envelope, continuing to integrate other materials with terrazzo. Originally drawn to art furniture, he discovered the market for other terrazzo home products at trade shows. “Designers and architects liked my work and apparent technical facility. They began specifying terrazzo for their own design projects.”

Soon Godfried was creating vanity and counter tops, kitchen and dining room tables, floor and wall tiles, and even lighting fixtures out of translucent terrazzo. He divides his time between creating his own furniture designs and architectural commissions.

Terrazzo is amongst the oldest of recycled materials. Godfried’s creations continue this long-standing green tradition.

Godfried has exhibited his work at the International Furniture Fairs in Cologne and Tokyo, American Craft Council’s Baltimore Show, Philadelphia Furniture Show and New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Terrazzo by Lorenzo has been in business for over 35 years.